Local Business Listing, Does A Rising Tide Float All Boats?

What does RelyLocal do that can create the greatest value for you?

What might I do to be of greater value?

Is it possible we can enchant our clients?

What makes a business like ours so important to society?

Why is it important to invest in your community?

Are people and businesses within a community inter-related?

Can RelyLocal really make a difference?

Do people go out of their way to support local businesses?

With due diligence, would people choose your business?

Can others’ be groomed to outcompete your business?

Would your support help other businesses in the area?

How long would it take to recoup your investment?

Have people passed by your business simply because they know nothing about you?

What amenities are included in the pricing of your product?

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Free Marketing Questionnaire For Local Businesses:

(Sample Questions/ Interview)   (Audio Only)   (Keep it Short and Simple)

The idea is to take just a couple minutes of your time, to record a dialogue between you and I, answering basic questions about your business, for the interest of the general public.  When we meet, I would like to ask you the following questions:

What is your central selling point?  (What does the competition offer?  What is special about your product and service?  What are potential buyers really looking for?)

Why should people support local, independently owned businesses?

What is it about Charlottesville that you appreciate the most?

How do you actively support the community?

What is the best, the highest, most distinctive and valuable result, benefit, or purpose your company or value can bring to the customer, or to society?

How do you define the purpose and objective of your business from a customer or client perspective.

What is the first action step you would have a potential client take?

What makes your business stand out?  What is it about your business that gives greater advantage, greater benefit and greater result to your clients than your competitors?

What is your niche in marketplace?

What are all of the products and services you sell and render?  What are the best sellers?

How are they priced, and what amenities are included?

How do you guaranty the purchase?

How do you reduce the risk of purchase?

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