Free Marketing Questionnaire For Local Businesses:

(Sample Questions/ Interview)   (Audio Only)   (Keep it Short and Simple)

The idea is to take just a couple minutes of your time, to record a dialogue between you and I, answering basic questions about your business, for the interest of the general public.  When we meet, I would like to ask you the following questions:

What is your central selling point?  (What does the competition offer?  What is special about your product and service?  What are potential buyers really looking for?)

Why should people support local, independently owned businesses?

What is it about Charlottesville that you appreciate the most?

How do you actively support the community?

What is the best, the highest, most distinctive and valuable result, benefit, or purpose your company or value can bring to the customer, or to society?

How do you define the purpose and objective of your business from a customer or client perspective.

What is the first action step you would have a potential client take?

What makes your business stand out?  What is it about your business that gives greater advantage, greater benefit and greater result to your clients than your competitors?

What is your niche in marketplace?

What are all of the products and services you sell and render?  What are the best sellers?

How are they priced, and what amenities are included?

How do you guaranty the purchase?

How do you reduce the risk of purchase?

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RLC Client Philosophy & Community Support

Philosophy of how we treat customers/clients:

  • A customer is someone who buys a commodity product or service.
  • A client is under the care and protection of another.

Under our care, we are dedicated (with constant and never ending improvement) to offering our clients unparalleled service, differentiating ourselves through product, price, technology and relationship.

Whether you are a local business owner, visitor to, or member of our community, our goal through this organization is to improve your standard of living, simply by becoming more conscious of how you spend your shopping dollars.

The money we spend in our community, stays in our community.  This means better schools, better roads, safer neighborhoods, greater entertainment…. without taking your money, for example, by raising taxes…?

For the business owner, our goal is to be the most affordable, effective and efficient business tool you have.  We aim to identify, organize and implement, in the most conservative manner, processes, mechanisms and activities that will increase the amount of profitable sales your business receives.  Maximum yield with minimum investment.

To the end user, when you’re looking for things to do and places to go, we want to be your source for ideas.  We intend to pass along savings and other incentives from reputable, local businesses as encouragement to shop and entertain local.  Here you can also find and freely advertise a yard-sale, open house and any other local event(s).  You are the one we are catering to the most, so if there is any other service we have overlooked, by all means, let us know.

We aim to help strengthen and prosper our beautiful City of Charlottesville by providing a truly valuable service.  We aim to grow with this community, and as we do, you can expect our services to become increasing useful and effective.  As always, we can use your support; simply tell your neighbors about RelyLocal-Charlottesville and when you shop, shop local.

If we can be of greater service, please let us know.  Until then,


Think Local, RelyLocal – Charlottesville

RLC: Putting Money In Your Pocket!

People are not buying a product but a result, a benefit, an outcome that is very self serving.  The greater, the clearer, the more powerful you are at expressing, articulating, demonstrating, illustrating, comparing how you render that advantage better than anyone else you deal with, the more business you get.