Why Buy Local, Reasons to Shop Local Charlottesville

Whether you own a business or not, it is well worth your time to read the following article.

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Local Business Listing, Does A Rising Tide Float All Boats?

What does RelyLocal do that can create the greatest value for you?

What might I do to be of greater value?

Is it possible we can enchant our clients?

What makes a business like ours so important to society?

Why is it important to invest in your community?

Are people and businesses within a community inter-related?

Can RelyLocal really make a difference?

Do people go out of their way to support local businesses?

With due diligence, would people choose your business?

Can others’ be groomed to outcompete your business?

Would your support help other businesses in the area?

How long would it take to recoup your investment?

Have people passed by your business simply because they know nothing about you?

What amenities are included in the pricing of your product?

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Local Business Marketing, Strategic Marketing…

The idea behind RelyLocal is quite sound and I support it fully.  The co-founders have created many jobs and given me the platform and opportunity to work within the community and develop my business and marketing skills.  I cannot wait to pay my gratitude forward, and support ‘members’ of the community.  Put me to work, now!

There are so many ways to drive additional business through your doors.  A quick lesson from Chet Holmes will leave you with the understanding that it is well worth treating your ideal buyers very well.  Since there is a smaller number of ideal buyers, rather than all buyers, they are cheaper to market to and it produces results that far outweigh the latter.

Commingle an education based marketing approach and you have an idea of what RelyLocal-Charlottesville is capable of providing for you.  If you already practice and understand this concept, perfect.  If you don’t, let’s develop one for you.  Either way, know there is an audience out there currently unfamiliar with your service.

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STAND OUT! To Your Boss, The Community, And Select Clientele…

Talk to Parker for a personalized game plan:

Business is about adaptation.  With upcoming technological changes making it more challenging for the Mom & Pop Shops to thrive, now is the time to reinvent yourself and your business.

What would you do if you had to deliver something more than fine?  Something remarkable?  Something that your customers couldn’t resist talking about?

There are 100,000+ residents and visitors in our community.  For many, the ease and ability to make an informed purchasing decision is a challenge.  Rather than leave it to chance, communicate the value of your business to our community.

Even with a small audience, if you focus on so completely and totally owning an idea that it encourages people to search for you instead of the generic category, you should profit.  So let’s brainstorm and differentiate not our marketing but your product or service in such a manner that people won’t accept a substitute.

If your service is undeniably good, if customers are fascinated with your product, if people already trust and rely on your business, and there is room for growth, you owe it to the community to share your thoughts.

With a small investment in the Marketing Leaders of RelyLocal, you’ll discover you need far fewer marketing dollars to get the same results you now have.  A deep, in depth, review of your business (and industry) could be the determining factor in bringing in new clientele.

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Social Marketing, Small Local Business Ideas…

According to the world’s best marketer and thought leader Seth Godin, the traditional means of marketing and advertising, mass production and the TV industrial complex idea from the late 1940’s, is dead.

“Today, Marketing is the product.  Marketing is the way you answer the phone.  Marketing is your perspective on who the market is.  It’s not the advertising part, it’s the doing, it’s everything.  And this notion that it’s everything is really disruptive.

A lot of small people look at the Internet and say ‘o good, FREE ADVERTISING, o’ good, I can run ads on youtube, or I can run ads in other places, for free.  How can I use twitter to interrupt people to get them to buy my product.  How do I use facebook to trick people into liking my page.  How do I run ads on facebook that use pictures of other people to trick them into clicking.”

And that is not working.  And I’m (Godin) glad it’s not working, because it’s polluting something that wasn’t built for you.

TV was built for advertisers.  The Internet doesn’t care.  The Internet was not built for you.  The Internet was built for people who use it.  The only people who get talked about online, reliably and scalable, are not people who are spending money.  They are people who are putting their money into the product and service, so that people will choose to talk about it.”

Moral of the story:  Don’t try to compete with Big Box Stores.  The Industrial Revolution is dead and the Connection Revolution is here and now.  Your (membership) support of the (RLC) community should be the real topic of discussion here.

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Local Biz: The Fight For Future Sales…

This interview clip from Darren Hardy and Marc Ostrofsky got me thinking about the fierce competition local entrepreneurs are going to face in the near future.

Remember folks, when you spend money on-line, it leaves Charlottesville forever.

When you spend your money with local, independent merchants, roughly 70% gets recycled back into the community.

Check out this video presentation RLC put together: